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Stop Contaminating Yourself


Sinfully delicious

Sinfully delicious

How do you define junk food?
It’s high in calories, low in nutrition.

Junk food is everywhere. You and your family probably eat it every day. Sugar-laden breakfast cereals, snack bars, biscuits and cakes, crisps and chips, soft drinks, sweets, ready-meals, fast food like burgers – so much of what’s on offer on the supermarket shelves is produced on the cheap (but not sold cheaply), full of unhealthy ingredients – it’s not nutritious, it’s laced with addictively tasty fats, sugars and salt, it just is not worth eating.

Junk Food – it’s aptly named. Now, wise up on the junk food facts.


  • The junk food industry deliberately targets children as young as 2 in a bid to create brand preference and lifelong loyalty.
  • Advertisers question kids and tap into their play to create ads and products with guaranteed child-appeal. Fast food chains use the lure of free toys to get kids to persuade their parents to spend. A desirable toy can double or triple weekly sales of kids’ meals. And every child brings along at least one adult too.
  • Artificial flavours in foods aimed at kids can be twice as sweet as the artificial flavours used in adult food. Children are being trained to find the natural bitter or sour notes that mingle with the sweetness in natural foods unpalatable.
  • Many children now prefer man-made flavours to the taste of real food. How will they ever switch to fresh, unadulterated food?
  • Flavourings and colourings can cause asthma, rashes and hyperactivity. Many countries – but not the UK – ban them from children’s food.
  • UK companies spend £300m annually on ads aimed at kids. The average British child watches tv for 2 hrs 20 mins daily.
  • Children in the US have over $500bn a year to spend. The average American kid spends 25 hours a week watching tv, and sees around 20,000 ads a year for junk food. That’s one every 5 mins as they watch, and 3 hours of them in any one week.


  • The metal can costs more than the ingredients, which are primarily water mixed with additives, sugar or sweetener, and caffeine. A can of cola contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Soft drinks are aggressively marketed by fast food chains, because they are so profitable, at around 97% profit on the price per cup. The bigger the cup, the greater the profit.
  • In the US, average adult consumption of soft drinks is around 500 cans a year.
  • Twenty per cent of American under-2s are given soft drinks – laden with sugar and additives – every day.


  • Canned spaghetti
    A helping of carbohydrate, salt and sugar, with virtually no fibre, anyone?
  • Chicken nuggets
    Low cost nuggets are cheap because they contain as little as 16% pulped chicken, bulked out with water, chicken skin, proteins removed from bone, hide, or poultry feathers, mechanically retrieved meat; plus the ubiquitous sugar, additives and salt.
    They also contain bulking agents used to soak up the water that’s injected into chicken to increase the weight – and the profit. Minced meat can hid a multitude of revolting ‘extras’ : carcinogenic antibiotics, recycled cat food, and poultry mixed with beef proteins have all been found in chicken destined for the production line.
  • Chocolate muffin
    Ruinously high in sugar, and made with the big baddie of the junk food industry, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil which has zero nutritional value, and damages heart and arteries.
  • Fries
    Fat-packed and low in nutrients. May be coated with additives and salt.
  • Fruit yoghurts, ready-made sauces, fruit drinks, baby foods – and more.
    Modified starches, along with colourings and flavourings, mimic the texture of fresh fruit and veg, so that manufacturers’ can use less of the real thing. They also mask rancid flavours’ and smells.
  • Milkshakes
    A simple-sounding ingredient, like ‘artificial strawberry flavour’ can in itself contain around 50 chemicals. And not one single strawberry…

What’s in some of that Junk Food?

  • One teaspoon of sugar is extracted from a stalk of sugarcane one metre in length!
  • A super-sized order of McDonald’s fries contains 610 calories and 29 grams of fat.
  • A king-sized order of Burger King’s fries packs 590 calories and 30 grams of fat.
  • A king-sized Burger King meal, (Double Whopper with cheese, large fries and large drink) contains 1,800 calories (mostly derived from fat and refined sugar). To ‘burn’ these calories would take nearly 6 hours of cycling (at 20 miles per hour).

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Junk Food Advertising

  • The food industry spends over $33 billion per year in the US alone to advertise food products that could be classified as junk food.
  • The majority of food advertising during children’s television programming is for sweetened cereals, soft drinks, candy, processed snacks and fast foods.
  • The average American child sees around 20,000 ads a year for junk food.
  • Over 90% of American children eat at McDonald’s at least once per month.
  • American teenagers drink an average of 760 can of soda pop per year (with boys drinking about 25% more than girls).
  • The average American of any age drinks over 500 cans of soft drinks per year.
  • Nearly 20% of children under 2 years of age are given soft drinks every day in America!
  • The average person today consumes more sugar in two weeks than a person a century ago would have eaten in a whole year. That’s a junk food fact!

Harmful Effects of Junk Food

  • The regular consumption of junk food is the leading factor in obesity and excess weight.
  • Obesity is second only to smoking as a cause of death in America.
  • 46% of Canadian adults are either overweight or obese, with obesity in children increasing three-fold over the past 2 decades.
  • Consumption of soft drinks containing sugar has been linked to weight gain and an increased risk for development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Studies have revealed that obese people have twice the rate of chronic health problems as people of normal weight. This includes a 100% greater chance of developing Type 2 diabetes, 50% increased likelihood of developing heart disease. Obese men are nearly 90% more likely to get colon cancer.
  • Junk food diet is a major cause of heart diseases.
  • High cholesterol resulting from junk food puts undue strain on the liver, causing long-term damage to this essential organ.
  • Research has suggested that diets high in fat may also impair essential brain functions, like concentration and memory.

The junk food facts about soft drinks alone are alarming. There is compelling evidence that regular consumption of soft drinks leads to:

  • Increased rates of bone fracture
  • Increased risk for osteoporosis
  • Increased risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Increased risk for Type II Diabetes
  • Increased risk for kidney stones
  • Increased rate of tooth decay and other dental problems
  • Junk food facts are numerous, and the negative effect of junk food on health and wellbeing is undeniable.

The unhealthy facts about junk foods and fast foods make shocking reading. But at least they enable you to make informed decisions, next time you go grocery shopping, or want a quick meal out.

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Vaishali Parekh


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All about Grit and Determination

In my room, 1990 (105 kgs)

In my room, 1990 (105 kgs)

Well, it may sound as amazing achievement but, it all happened because of the necessity and survival.  

 Like any Punjabi family, mine was a foodie too. The paranthas, the kababs, puris and what not. I used to pride myself of being President of ‘Aloo Club’ ! Any thing cooked with Potato was exotic!   

 At 105 kgs. I saw my own pic and could not Recognize myself. Who is this Uncle? I questioned myself. I met an OLD uncle who was on restricted diet. But, he used to ‘sample’ everything in parties. That way he did not get into trouble and also ‘tasted’ life according to his liking. I followed his style. But, sweets were still irresistible! I used to ‘challenge eat’ them after Lunch. Rossogollas, Danadaars, Kachagollas and what not……. My biggest vice was Alcohol. A group of friends used to go for Night show movies laden with Chicken Kababs and Limca Mixed Vodka. This, when controlled helped me loose 10 kgs. as I as physically active. Playing Badminton, walking the lakes etc.   

At a marriage, 2009

At a marriage, 2009

 At this point a friend in Jalandhar gave me a tip. “Don’t have snacks or anything when You are having Alcohol. Eat very little after that” I was diagnosed as being diabetic in July 2004. The world under my feet slipped. The sugar count was 479 / 290.(PP and Fasting). I could not even agree to have my tea without Sugar! With The specialists I consulted, the nutritionist gave me the Best advice. Burn whatever You Eat. This time my weight was wavering from 90 to 95 kgs.   

 One of my friends insisted on me doing ‘Art of Living Course’ I was avoiding him when one fine day. He paid for the donation and enrolled me into one of the courses………… This Changed My life forever.  A week without tea, onions, Non Veg food, liquor and fried food. A week with Pranayaams, Sudarshan Kriya and the knowledge. I was a changed man. Simple things which we already know and are under a layer of dust, the impurities were dusted out and I knew what was good for me! We all know what is good and what is bad, to choose between this two is what is living with art! So, I am still enjoying sugary tea and an occasional parantha, No liquor no deep fried food. Occasional potato subzi (Never fried) No potato chips, No soft (or hard) drinks. My diet is full of vegetables and fruits with the right amount of carbohydrates. Proper exercising and Sudarshan Kriya…….   


My Life is ON TRACK !!    

N.B. : The above story of Jogesh Sachdev, Kolkata (India) has been published without any alteration / modification  only after receiving his consent.    

Vaishali Parekh    


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Stop Stuffing!

We humans are basically greedy in nature. We never seem to get enough. Out of instinct we just keep on accumulating.

Stop Over-EatingTake the case of food. We go berserk if there is delicious stuff in front of us. Even people who are normally very disciplined, find it absolutely difficult to resist the temptation to hog. It is very difficult to explain but something strange happens in our head and we throw all caution and resolutions to the wind. But as soon as the job is done we are hit by pangs of guilt and feel like kicking ourselves.

To compensate for the effects of binging, some of us go to such extremes as going on a fast, thinking it would negate the impact of indulgence. But alas, that does not happen. Most of us are not aware that the negatives are very difficult to reverse. What actually happens is that as soon as the fasting sessions are over, people tend to binge once again out of sheer craving for food.

I ask people to eat by providing them with recipes, but obesity is turning out to be such a menace that nowadays I ask people not to eat much. You can even go on a fast once in a while.

Our focus should be on providing our body with balanced nutrition. Whatever and whenever we are eating something, it should always be kept in mind whether the food is providing vital nutrients.

DISCIPLINE is the key.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner our tummy should never be absolutely full. At least one fourth should always be empty. A stuffed belly consumes maximum energy for digestion and as a result other body functions suffer. Whereas if our consumption is limited and balanced then energy is evenly distributed all over our body, making us feel light and sprightly.

Make up your mind that from the next meal onwards you would eat light and won’t stuff.
Make this resolution and stick to it, no matter what!
You would soon notice the difference in you.

Vaishali Parekh


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