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Stop Stuffing!

We humans are basically greedy in nature. We never seem to get enough. Out of instinct we just keep on accumulating.

Stop Over-EatingTake the case of food. We go berserk if there is delicious stuff in front of us. Even people who are normally very disciplined, find it absolutely difficult to resist the temptation to hog. It is very difficult to explain but something strange happens in our head and we throw all caution and resolutions to the wind. But as soon as the job is done we are hit by pangs of guilt and feel like kicking ourselves.

To compensate for the effects of binging, some of us go to such extremes as going on a fast, thinking it would negate the impact of indulgence. But alas, that does not happen. Most of us are not aware that the negatives are very difficult to reverse. What actually happens is that as soon as the fasting sessions are over, people tend to binge once again out of sheer craving for food.

I ask people to eat by providing them with recipes, but obesity is turning out to be such a menace that nowadays I ask people not to eat much. You can even go on a fast once in a while.

Our focus should be on providing our body with balanced nutrition. Whatever and whenever we are eating something, it should always be kept in mind whether the food is providing vital nutrients.

DISCIPLINE is the key.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner our tummy should never be absolutely full. At least one fourth should always be empty. A stuffed belly consumes maximum energy for digestion and as a result other body functions suffer. Whereas if our consumption is limited and balanced then energy is evenly distributed all over our body, making us feel light and sprightly.

Make up your mind that from the next meal onwards you would eat light and won’t stuff.
Make this resolution and stick to it, no matter what!
You would soon notice the difference in you.

Vaishali Parekh


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