Prayers for my friend

Hello dear,

Hope you are in the pink of health. I am fine too, but one of my readers whose name is Rashida Abdulhussein, is not well at all. She is a resident of Canada and mailed me a few days back informing me of her ill health.

We all love you

We all love you

She is suffering from a complex systemic problem which has given rise to a number of ailments which are refusing to go away. Above all, she does not have anyone to take care of her since she stays alone. Her children do not stay with her and they are very busy with themselves.

Rashida has helped me a lot with the editing of my e-book ‘Cure Yourself – Secret Remedies and Wonder Foods’ and was very involved with the development process. She has also written a short bio about herself, as a guest writer, in my blog.

I am reproducing her last email, as it is, for you to see.

hi vaishali

loooong time since i have been able to write to you
cough is still going on
antibiotics dont help
inhalers dont either
have been taking adrak ka juice and that has been helping otherwise,,,
ramadhan has begun, have not been able to fast yet, but do go for prayers every evening…
other than that, same ol same ol

have been reading the new posts
i know u have been busy as a bee as usual,,,
kuchh nayi tazi ho toh batana

i know u have been thinking of me coz i have been thinking of u too….
just that i have not been able tokeep in touch, not only with you, but other friends too….

continue to pray for me please, and hope to hear from you soon!


Rashida Abdulhusein

Shall we all pray for her? I believe that there is great power in prayer and if we all pray for her, then the combined effect is bound to have a positive effect, don’t you think?




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26 responses to “Prayers for my friend

  1. Navin

    Dear Sister Vaishali,

    I am moved by your humanitarian appeal. My prayers for sister Rashida.


  2. Meena Kamat

    Dear Vaishali,

    Very touching! I am with you in praying for our friend in Canada–get well soon.


  3. Farida Gandevia

    I am sure Rashida will get well soon. Our prayers are with her.

    Best Regards,

  4. Taiyab Kamaal

    I will pray for your friend. One thing that helps in healing is a healthy imagination, it is ofcourse hard sometimes to have a cheerful imagination when one is ill, still, the logic is, imagination shapes your thoughts and thoughts shape your feeling, so if you continue to imagine ill health, healing is a bit difficult.

    Request your friend to imagine to the fullest of her abilities the good things in life that she can thank God for and the good things in life that she deserves. Tell her to help answer our prayers for her by doing just this.

    Warm regards,

    Taiyabali Kamaal.

  5. Ami Kunal Sharma

    sure shall do that…
    may god bless her and you as well 🙂


  6. Peria Anthony

    I will pray for Rashida Abdulhussein.

    Jesus will heal her.

  7. Dhilip Ramchandra

    Dear Vaishaliji,

    i am always admire you for good work.i will pray for Rashida &
    i know ALLAHATALA will cure her.i am also on fasting.but when she will
    cure inform i can tell sukariya to ALLAHA. thanks for giving me


  8. Mubashira Anjum

    Insha Allah will do pray for ur frnd.


  9. Ashok Narayan

    my prayers are there for rasheeda,

  10. Gustavo

    My dear Vaishali, I myself to thee from Venezuela to pray for the health of Rashida, we must have faith that she goes out with any disease that afflicts well. Sends her from me my desire for the speedy recovery of it

    Receives an affectionate greeting

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  12. Meena Passy

    Hi Vaishali,

    Yes I do agree Prayers have great powers than medicine.I will pray for her.

  13. Kiran Bajaj

    It’s very sad to hear about Rashida’s health, I hope and pray to God for her speedy recovery. Hope she feels better soon.

    But it’s very good to know that she has a very good friend like you to count on. Keep it on dear.

    Rashida is in our prayers….May God bless her with good health soon…


  14. Devika

    Sure, our prayers will work ma’m.. we’ll hope for the best !

  15. Snehendu Chakraborty

    Apprecite this mail of yours in particular. Yes why not,, if not anything else.. we can at least pray for someone. Me and my family will do.

    Keep us posted about her health, and hope she gets better soon. Canada has the best medical facilities in the world.. so hope that the place indeed helps!

    Best Wishes,

  16. Waishali Bhat

    my prayers r wid yur friend for her speedy recovery and happiness!!

  17. Leslie

    Thank you for your mail. It’s wonderful to come to know you even more.
    Certainly I will uphold Rashida in my daily prayers and for sure she will be delivered from all her sickness and problems whatsoever, because Jesus is a prayer answering God.

    Jesus is know as the greatest healer and only belief from her side is what it takes.

    Continue to forward prayer requests and I will uphold each one of them.

    Keep in touch.

    Until then bye and God bless.



  18. Rashmiraj

    God is Great. I shall remember Rashida in my prayers and all of us too.

  19. Usha

    Hi Vaishali

    Hope life is treating you well.

    Appreciate your helping hands on others… i’ll definitely pray for Ms.Rashida Abdulhussein. i’m sure she will be alright..

    convey my regards and get well soon msg to her if possible.

    Thank u and catch u later.. bye

    Usha Vinodh

  20. Vasanthi

    I sincerely am praying for Rashida Abdulhussein to get well soon and be in the best
    health. May GOD help her to gain power physically, spiritually and mentally.

    GOD is impartial in his love. May our prayers heal her soon.

    Love, Vasanthi.

  21. Shanaz


  22. Kiran Bhatia

    Sure I would pray for her. And God bless u too for making efforts like this.

  23. Helen Mendez

    Prayer changes situations and combined prayers work wonders. I assure you of my prayers for Rashida. God bless her.



  24. Bipin Pandya

    Perhaps you could ask Rashida Abdulhussein if she has been checked for Unidentifiable fibrosis in the lungs?

    If not ask her to get that checked I am talking from experience!!!.

    Kind regards

    Bipin Pandya

  25. Puja

    i have prayed for ur reader and friend but along with that prayer there goes out a small prayer for you which comes from my heart for the good work done by you and u have come across as a lovely person . i find you as a very inspiring n very positive person.. and your site and aproach a very unique one ..

  26. Fee

    My prayers and good wishes are with you Rashida.
    God Bless.

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