A painful observation

Just 1 among 1000s

Just 1 among 1000s

By now we all know about the verdict delivered by the court regarding the Bhopal gas tragedy which killed and maimed so many lives on that fateful night, 25 years ago. In fact, the effect of the chemical gas leak continues to affect the populace even today. It would not be an overstatement if I say that Bhopal has lost an entire generation.

But what did our government and the judiciary do about it? First of all, our government did not take any serious measures against the management and the people who were responsible. A few were arrested and very soon released on bail and were allowed to leave the country. Second, it took 25 years to deliver the verdict, which, in my opinion is grossly inadequate. How can our judiciary take so long to resolve a case of such huge magnitude? How can our investigative agencies take so long?

They could take so long only because they had the government’s tacit support. But why was the government in a go slow mode? What stopped it from taking severe action against the culprits? Was it money? If not money, then what?

Our constitution says that the government is by the people, of the people and for the people. Do we really feel this way? Isn’t there a huge disconnect between the ruler and the ruled? Does anybody really care about us? Are we safe?

Something is very wrong within us and within our system. A serious and dangerous rot has set in which is irreversible. We have ceased to be human beings, whose first principle is to care for fellow human beings. We have become dangerously selfish, so much so that, the death of thousands and thousands of lives is not affecting us any more. Unless and until, we are not directly affected, we are least bothered.

Mankind is racing towards self-destruction without him being aware of this fact. His current mental orientation shall induce him to destroy fellow human beings and ultimately, himself.

Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?

Another very recent incident is a pointer to this fact, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which is the largest of its kind till date. The entire flora and fauna, the adjoining coastline and all living creatures have been annihilated. Recovery, if it ever happens, shall take generations. BP is willing to pay millions as damages, but isn’t it too little too late? Why didn’t British Petroleum observe the necessary precautionary measures? Why didn’t the inspection agencies compel BP to observe those measures in the initial stages?

It seems BP cares only for profits and little for anything else. ‘Profit at any cost’ is the basic principle which is followed by most of the major corporations. These corporations are so powerful that the governing institutions and the government bend backward to appease them.

We are so drunk with money and power that we have become blind to the possible and very obvious consequences of this kind of suicidal behavior. I am not saying Doomsday is near, but it is not very far away too.

It is very painful to note that man himself created such great civilizations and now he is hell bent on destroying, with his own hands, whatever he created. Amen!

P.S. The above views are absolutely my own and I understand that you might differ. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Vaishali Parekh


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5 responses to “A painful observation

  1. Shobha

    I fully agree with you Vaishali. We have the MOST CORRUPT and RUTHLESS GOVT with no sensitivity towards humanity. They are not human and cannot understand human feelings & sentiments. None of their family member gets killed or murdered hence no pain experienced .GOD is smiling too much I must say on them.But we too are become as inhuman..are we reacting and to what length can we go..will we be ever heard..

  2. Arun Kumar N

    That was a lovely article and I thoroughly accept and appreciate your view. Hope more people like yourself take issues seriously and contribute in small ways, and this will make a big difference. Probably this where at least our growing population will be a plus.

  3. Govind Bagdia

    This was superb. I can say just one word for entire essay. “Touchy” or making us “thinking” or should we be “crying” for all wrong doings.

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