Home Based Remedies – The Final Preview


Here is the last and final preview of the ‘Home Remedies’ e-book.
I have tried my best to make it as comprehensive as possible with the following features:

1. Diseases and their home based remedies.
2. What to eat and what to avoid.
3. A list of wonder foods and their benefits.
4. A number of recipes using the above wonder foods as ingredients.


Please spare a few moments to have a look at the final preview and let me know.

I am in the process of providing the final touches before I upload next week.

This is going to be the first major product launch for me after almost a year of back breaking work.

Click Here to have a look

Vaishali Parekh


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24 responses to “Home Based Remedies – The Final Preview

  1. Robin Dutt

    In your remidies for Acidity you have included Garlic in both Foods to be avoided and Food to eat

  2. Noman Syed

    Dear Vaishali
    Thank you for your update.
    Your home based remedies is an excellent tool for me and my family.
    We live far from India and I used to get these sort of tip from my elders when I was back home long back.
    I like the detail about the problem, symptoms, causes, food and remedies.
    Its an excellent painstaking work you did and I am greatful and wish you great success.
    Now I feel more comfortable and relaxed to handle our day to day issues.
    I do tried your receipe and we enjoy.
    Once again thank you for your efforts and appreciate.
    Kind Regards

  3. Rafeeka


    Thank you very much for this wonderful and useful advice. Good luck with the launch and keep up the good writing.


  4. Gypsy Jain

    It is lovely and it will definitely help those who are suffering with such problems and were looking for the cures. It will save them from depending on the modern medicines and help in believing home is best for everything and anything.Three cheers to you !!!

  5. Eva

    Dear Vaishali

    Hope you are doing well. your new book HOME BASED REMEDIES is amazing and will b very helpfull.as a suggestion do give the hindi terms of the indian herbs.

    Best wishes

  6. Hi,
    I liked your Ebook Home Remedies,you covered each and every point.Its very helpful for referring.A
    good book every body should read and know,what to dos and what nots.

  7. thanusha

    Dear Ma’am

    this book too seems to be great help to all
    as your all other books
    thank you for the great work & help you do for others
    keep up the good stuff

    Once Again THANK YOU

  8. waishali

    Vaishali, you have done a great job!!
    Its very to the point and illustrative.
    All the best for the successful launch!!!

  9. seema

    hi vaishali,

    i really like ur ebooks. thanks a lot for your such efforts. may God bless you. and can you please give me receipe of dhokla. thanks in advance.

  10. sudhir

    informative book.try and cover more healthy receipes when someone is having a perticular defined problem.

    • Yes, Sudhir you are right, I would have liked to add much more therapeutic recipes but the book would have been too long. I shall definitely implement your suggestion in a later ebook. Thanks.

  11. Rashida

    Hello Vaishali

    I am very excited that the book is in its final phase before u upload it. It contains very indepth information as far as problems, do’s and don’ts and even recipe suggestions. Needless to say a lot of research and hard work has gone into producing such detail oriented reference book.
    Each time someone refers to the book, they will be drawing upon ur hard work and will be grateful that such a book even exists…can you imagine how many feathers in ur cap as each person gratefully refers to it time and time again?
    Tussi chha gaye Jani!
    All the best, always!
    To SEEMA:
    The recipe for dhokla is in the Gujarati e-Book.

  12. The book is absolutely flawless.

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