Home Based Remedies – An upgrade

The second preview of the upcoming e-book ‘Home Remedies’ is ready for you to see.

Just uploaded it before shooting this mail to you. I guess, I am excited. All the jigsaw pieces seem to be falling in place. This book required a lot of extra effort.

You know that this is not the first time I am composing an e-book, but this one has taken so much out of me. But still there is a sense of fulfillment that I was able to create something useful for you. I don’t know whether you are sharing my excitement, but I am almost jumping up and down like a kid. I know I should not behave like this, but what to do?

For a change, I won’t divulge what I have added to the upgraded ‘Preview 2’. You find out and tell me and please let me know your opinion. A few brickbats would help me cool down my excitement, I guess.
Everybody likes their own creation, don’t they?

Right here, waiting for you.

Click Here to have a look

Vaishali Parekh

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24 responses to “Home Based Remedies – An upgrade

  1. Rashida

    The remedies are a great help. Well done.

    Thank you for all your articles. Keep it up.

  2. Rashida

    That is really fantastic! and yes jani, i agree it must have taken a LOT of effort…
    You have added FOODS TO EAT and FOODS TO AVOID!
    That is an excellent idea and a great advantage, because oftentimes we dont realize we have to avoid certain foods when we are not well.
    Feather to your cap!
    All the best for the successful completion of the book!

  3. waishali

    A very good idea to include what foods to avoid and what to eat!!!. Again a suggestion:
    1)Instead of bullets, an “x” infront of foods to avoid and a “correct” sign infront of foods to eat will look more attractive.
    2)A glossary of certain not frequently used words and their meanings could be included at the end of each rightup .
    All the best!!!

    • Extremely useful suggestions. Shall try to implement. A big thanks.

      • Batool Saifuddin

        dear Vaishali, i want to thank u fr sharing such valuable remedies n as well the course n cures.its indeed very informing.i esp liked about the common colds wher by i live in a tropical climate where colds r just too frequent.if i may request i want to learn hw to make u know ..sabhji semosas made with pastry n also not forgetting kachori…dekho na moh me pani a geya …i always eat this stuff back in my home town …RATLAM..does it ring a ball??m frm MP i ve been living in Malaysia since a child get to go back almost 2 yrs once so can imagine hw much i miss this stuff thanking u once again bye hope to hear frm u soon. sincerely yrs Bets

  4. wow thats nice :)… try adding few more things like dandruff and for skin types… i m sure its gonna be a hit 🙂


  5. Deepthi

    Great work!!!
    Appreciate ur efforts.

  6. ellen thomasson

    Great work,easy to read and understand. Very good information on Acne.

  7. madhusmita

    Great piece of knowledge…..Really great work n must appreciate for all ur efforts….Very superb info….Can u plz add information abt home remedies for hair.. like..how to keep hair healthy how to prevent hair loss ,how to free frm dandruff etc…Some home remedies to keep hairs healthy n strong……

    And once again thanx a lot ………..

  8. Soumen

    Dear Madam Vaishali

    I am a regular reader of your books.This book is particularly special and very effective one as well as very unique effort to help the people who used to be depend on home based remedies, and also a very natural way to cure, having no side effects at all.

    Thanks for this type of idea and good thoughts to invest yourself for us.



  9. लीना चौहान

    This is really very good and informative pdf. Thanks for this painstaking work. I would like to see clickable table of contents added to the pdf. Of course this is just preview and there will be many more things in final versin.

  10. Norman L

    Well, I have been wanting to tell you that your website is great and has provided alot of informations and sharing. You are FANTASTIC……keep up the good work…..

  11. Karuna Netty

    Dear Vaishali Parekh,

    I have been busy lately but i took the time to read and to give a comment on this new book of yours.I think many girls and youngsters have acne problem.This will give them an alternative and non medical approach to treat their acne problems.
    You are contributing a great service to the society.

    Many thanks to you


  12. Mangalika

    Dear Vaishali,

    Please include remedies for skin rashes which occur all parts of the body, specially near groin, between fingers, on nails etc. etc…

    Best Regards,

    Mangalika Dissanayake
    BOI, Sri Lanka

  13. Rabiul Islam.

    Preview 1 and Preview 2 stating for the same desieses!!

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