Home Based Remedies – A work in progress


Currently I am compiling a book on ‘Home Remedies’. For common ailments we rush to the doctor and stuff ourselves with all kinds of medications, when we can easily get that ailment treated without any need to step out of the house.

Our kitchen is a powerhouse, as far as conjuring up culinary delicacies is concerned and also for conjuring up miraculous cures for some common ailments.The pantry is packed with so many ingredients which have amazing healing properties, we just need to be aware of those.

I began working on this book six months ago and am presently on the verge of completion. Had to put in a lot work…going to libraries, reading books and journals, consulting Ayurvedists, trying to get tips from grannies and nannies etc. Mid way, I had to change the structure of the book as the volume of content increased unexpectedly.

To let you know what exactly I am doing, I shall show you few progressive previews of the e-book during the coming days.

I am providing just three sample diseases and their home remedies in the first preview.

There are a lot more diseases and remedies to be added very soon.

Click Here to have a look

Vaishali Parekh

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39 responses to “Home Based Remedies – A work in progress

  1. sandhya jain

    Good work!! please include the remedied for hair fall and premature greying as this is most common now adays ..I am also facing hair fall problem a lot

    thanks .
    keep up the good work

  2. Fiona

    Congratulations on such a wonderfully informative E-Book, Vaishali! After reading a previous post regarding parabens and other “nasties”, the only way forward is to go natural.
    I have a particular interest in natural beauty treatments and have read articles by Bharti Vyas which discuss the valuable benefits of natural ingredients like honey in skincare treatments.
    Please keep me posted!

  3. Jogesh Sachdev

    My Best wishes…….
    I was about to write something on Ayurveda cooking after going thru the ‘soup’ recipes. Unfortunately Am very Busy with the accounting year end of my company. Will give u my inputs.
    My best wishes again!

  4. Excellent work Vaishali.. preview version itself looks so useful to me..many thanks to your efforts..my son is 8 year old but is unable to gain weight much when compared to other kids of his age..I do not want him to be over weight but need to get to average.. I will appreciate tips if you can include in your e-book fo such cases..

    Thanks a bunch again..am lucky came across your site.

  5. Mrinalini

    The preview looks very good. The book is definitely going to be a hit.
    Had a suggestion in case it is not already there. A section with remedies for babies, toddlers and children as not all remedies are for kids

    • Thanks dear for the encouragement.
      The remedies in the book are for everybody in general and there are a lot of options. It would be easy for you to find out which ones are not for kids.
      Anyways, you can always get back to me.

  6. Rashida

    Just a preview, and it looks very promising indeed! There is a ton of knowledge from the part i read, and i m sure this e-book is going to be something we all will be looking at again and again!
    Is it possible to input something about “skin-tags” or warts? Thanks a bunch!
    Congratulations Vaishali.

  7. Mangalika

    Vaishali, Excellent Job! Try to include remedies for Hair falling and also other skin problems. specially the dark patches on face.

  8. Sowmya.H.P

    Awsome 🙂 Eagerly waiting for the book to get completed. All the best.

  9. shilpa

    Thanks a lot for ur wonderful tips.

  10. waishali

    Hi Vaishali, a very good thought to compile sucha a useful book. But a few suggestions:
    1)you have not mentioned how one should treat an acne or a pimple after it forms.
    2)Anaemia is the dictionary spelling.
    3) Along with treatment, u could also suggest as which treatment a diabetic or a BP patient must not follow.

    • Our names sound similar, don’t they?
      Let me say a few things regarding your suggestions:
      1. The treatments for acne are applicable anytime, before and after formation.
      2. The spelling I have used for Anemia is as per U.S.English. But I think you are right, I should use the dictionary spelling instead. Thanks.
      3. Along with the treatments I have mentioned which ones are not meant for diabetics.

      Thank you so much for your observations.

  11. Trupti

    Hello vaishali,
    It is really a good job. Thanks a lot for your tips.
    Wish u best wishes from me.

  12. hi,vaishali, this is a good idea and initiative you have taken..pls just check the spelling of “aneamia” in your data…if you want i can share with you home based facial and spa packs to add to your book…

    • The spelling of Anemia as I have used is as per U.S. standards. But you are right, I should use the dictionary spelling.
      I would definitely need your home based facial and spa packs, but not now, because the upcoming ebook shall focus on diseases.
      I would need your help for my book on home based beauty tips.
      What else can you share with me?

  13. rajendra soni

    Seems to be really appreciable but lot of home remedies are to be added there in.

  14. Himani Badola

    Hi Vaishali,

    Great work done. Will be waiting for the rest of the book. This is highly informative and very useful.


  15. Padmaja

    Hi Vaishali,

    Read the preview of HOME REMEDIES. really interesting and useful too. Waiting for the final version.

    Best wishes


  16. surekha

    good effort. This book will really help to all.

  17. sumita rozario

    Hi vaishali,
    pls post some recipes for fussy eaters like my daughter who is still underweight when compared with other kids.


  18. parul sharma

    Hi Vaishali. Your book looks a well researched work. Gives a lot of options/remedies for quick reference. Many Thanks.

    It would also like to read about stress treatment in your book.. 🙂 and also about headache.

  19. Durriya

    Hi Vaishali

    Went through your ebook and really liked it… it contains good cures/remedies for many diseases.. Hats off to your research..
    Eagerly waiting for your final version…
    All the best !!

  20. This will certainly be a good help for anyone.. Thanks a lot for your health tips..

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