Young at Heart

Rashida Abdulhusein

Rashida Abdulhusein


Sometimes we come across people who are very bubbly, always smile, make others laugh, are able to joke easily about things or about themselves, and can easily make friends with young and not-so-young.  In some cases, these people are like that by nature and in others, they are trying not to show the hard times and the sadness in their lives.  So that is how they cover up what they do not want the rest of the world to see! 

When I was two, my mother was recalled by the Maker. He must have needed young angels! My bhuva/phuppo, looked after me till the age of 6.  Then my father got married again, and I went to live with my parents.  I have siblings and I helped to bring them up.  My father was very strict about one thing: must stand first or second in class, or else cannot go anywhere during school holidays. 

After high school, I started working, bumped into a very handsome gentleman, got tired of playing hide and seek, so we got married. I have been blessed with a pretty princess and a handsome hunk for children.  Life was not a bed of roses, but I learnt to adjust, like most of us do. After ten and half years of married life, when my daughter was eight and my son was four, this time He decided He needed some men to help Him and so that was almost the end of life for me!!  That was 28 years ago!!! 

All I can say that from the time I was 2, God Almighty made me a promise.  A promise that He has kept till today.  And that is, that He has always been by my side, come rain or shine; whether I noticed or did not notice, whether I felt I was all alone, or surrounded by friends and family; whether I complained “WHY ME”? or just wept quietly because nobody cared anymore.  I was the pet of all my teachers, in grade school as well as in high school.  One thing that is different about me is that I can joke about almost anything, and that has become my habit.  It is second nature to me.  Sometimes I don’t intend to, but still out of force of habit, just comment however I wish, to the extent that I have joked around with senior bosses and even in one instant, a priest!! All are good jokes of course, and one boss said he liked the fact that I had humour, ‘dry humour’ he called it. 

My friends vary in age from 3 yrs to 90 yrs, ( !! ) and many times I have been told I sure am YOUNG AT HEART.  I suppose I AM.  When people learnt how the wheels of my life had turned, how there was more cloudy days than sunshine in my life, they asked how I managed to keep a smiling face ALL THE TIME. I always say God has given me the ability to do so.  However, one day I put on my thinking cap and wondered, Is There Something Wrong With Me?  The answer is NO!  Its pretty simple, and all ye great scholars who are reading this must have figured it out already, but all the same, here is my answer Vaishali…… 

Throughout life, I have missed out on all the good things, the laughter, the happiness, the mischief we do as kids, the fun we have at parties, the little games we play, the list is endless.  At the same time, we all know that there is kid in all of us.  Most people hide that kid, or put him away in a corner, because it does not look good or is not appropriate now that we are grown up, to show or act anything other than our chronological age.  In my case, I felt, albeit unknowingly, what the heck! I will do as I please! As long as I am not being rude or out of etiquette. And that has helped me to keep my sanity.  Those who know me, know what I mean.  So, dear friends, I hope you will excuse me if I joke with you and make you laugh, because That’s just the Way I Am!



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29 responses to “Young at Heart

  1. Priti

    I subscribe to Vaishali,s coolikng blog and got to read this wonderful article.It sure is an inspiration and taught me in more than some ways to count my blessings than my short-comings..

    well done Rashida for bringing a smile to so many lives and I pray to the almighty to give you only happiness and joy henceforth.You had your share of everything else I suppose..God bless you.

  2. shirley

    Hats of to you my dear…. all the best in life

  3. Shikha

    this article has touched my heart, i wish i could be like Rashida ji but God has gifted this to his really dear n most favourite one’s. its great to know about such people n have them around you because they fill life of others also with cheer n happiness…………..

  4. jogesh sachdev

    U Have learnt ‘The Art of Living’ without actually doing the ‘Course’ Cheers! Ba Happy always…..

  5. saifee surka

    bahen rashida, aap na plog vaste congrats
    mane bhi aavu sikahvjo.

  6. Rizwana

    I dont get it!!! what actually is so inspiring about this lady???(nothing mentioned in particular)…

  7. vaishali, what a wonderful humanbeing you are to share a great knowledge, in vedas it said ,god has sent you to earth to share everything even a little, you are that,
    please do visit my website and blog, write good articles in my blog i love to share with all my friends

  8. deepa kaul

    a brave face

  9. Rashida

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I do appreciate every comment, and when it is constructive criticism, its even better because life is a learning machine, for as long as we live!
    Jogesh, when I read your article, I thought its so wonderful to be able to get a grip on our lives, and yes when the time is right, God Himself guides us to the right path, because He only knows whats in our hearts.
    Bhai Saifee,, you are already a very cherished brother and I know that I am fortunate to have found a brother in you, and from your life I try to draw inspiration! Perhaps VAISHALI, you should ask him to tell us his story!
    To Rizwana, I will say this…
    The reason this article came about is because I started reading Vaishali’s cookbooks, and slowly we became friends and dont even know when our hearts joined together! I always joke around with people and obviously I am not a young chick anymore, so VAISHALI ASKED ME HOW I HAVE MANAGED TO REMAIN YOUNG AT HEART.
    Thats what this article is about..sorry if u dont like my story,,,
    it would be nice if u could tell me where u live, in which city… the name Rizwana strikes a bell very very close to my heart, and so i asked!
    VAISHALI, you know me well enough, so would be nice if you could take over some of the replies…Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to share the platform with you.. Appreciate it much!
    Aadat se majboor, I always have volumes to talk about and Dear Readers, another thing that I will share with you is that my friends have lovingly given me the titles of Baatooni and Shararati…
    Thats just the way I am!
    Gotta say Sayonara for now!

  10. Rizwana

    Well I live in Mississauga,,Canada.. thanx for ur cool response,, I never meant to hurt ur feelings..
    I couldn”t get to the conclusion of ur story in the first place( if u can show me something interesting in ur story)…
    Anyways I m also a great admirer of vaishali”s blog, since I m diabetic,, I also do all the chores myself,, also earning from home kind of a job.probably that was the reason of my critical comment for ur story..

  11. Rashida

    you have to pay more attention to what you are reading my dear
    the title of this story is YOUNG AT HEART
    and Vaishali wanted me to share my story as to how i have remained young at heart…
    and how interesting,, i too, live in the same city as u!
    wish there was some way that we could communicate..
    or perhaps you can give me ur email address….
    ur wish!

  12. sudhir

    great and inspiring.easy to say but if one puts in the shoes she has undergone the only thing comes to mind is a humble salute.

  13. Mrs. Meena Kamat

    That’s great!You are actually living life FULL SIZE inspite of difficulties.Keep it up!

  14. atia

    Rashida if I may ask RU originally from east Africa?Because your photo makes me remember someone whose story fits with your story. It is inspiring to note that despite all the downs in your life you are still young at heart and are prepared to give joy to others. May God bless you,

  15. Rashida

    Yes, Atia, I am from East Africa.
    Do tell me more about you, because you have the same name as another Atia I know.
    Thanks for the comments: much appreciated!

  16. Well written Rashida and explains the person you are , as I have known you 🙂 Yes you are one of those amazing few I have come across who has not given in to the knocks life puts one through and have emerged not only a survivor but someone who still finds joy and happiness in lil things . One who makes people laugh wherever she goes and that is amazing as most people who go thru tuff times survive but come out of it as cynics with a bitter outlook towards life. I salute you for your ability to laugh thru tuff times and maintain that childlike wonder in life still. A lot to learn from you and am glad you got a chance to say your story here.

  17. Rizwana

    I also appreciate ur hardwork for all these years…okk I agree that r YOUNG AT HEART….yes u can pls take my e-mail id—
    my phone num is 905-488-0850…

  18. hamida

    Hi Rashida kaki,
    well I know what you have gone threw, and I m in favour of all what you say n live up to it..
    Well !! dear I too am the same, dress the wya you want and live the way you want.. well ofcourse respectfully..
    My hats off to you!!
    Miss you heaps

  19. Insiya Yusufali

    Rashida kaki….mum forwarded me the link to this article and all I can say is that you are a gem and yes very different. From the time I was a little child I have always known you to be smiling and chirpy and that was even during Iddat and I was only 5 I think then! Now I am 31 and when we chat as well as the numerous occasions in TO we are together you are still the same person. Yet I know your life story 🙂

    You are an inspiration to all of us on how you were the first woman to immigrate to Canada in the 80’s, single handedly raise two beautiful children.

    And lastly congratualtions on becoming a granny….love you mwaah and see you soon on MSN 🙂

  20. Rashida

    Thanks Rizwana,
    have noted ur contacts
    shall contact you soon!

  21. Rashida

    What a Small world we live in!
    Hami and Insi,, i never thought in my wildest dreams that we would meet here! You are in the right place my dears, do check out the FREE e-books re: delicious recipes that Vaishali has,, thats how i became friends with her, khabar bhi na pari ke how we became conjoined at the heart, all i tried to do was to fwd her emails!
    I do remember almost everything that took place in my life, how i wish i could erase some bad memories, 😦 and of course, i strongly believe that hardships make us stronger!
    Mwaah! Insi, and of course see u around!
    All my love, always!
    Thanks for your comments!

  22. Rashida

    Thanks Hami and Insi! What a wonderful surprise! See how the world is getting smaller and smaller? I never imagined we would meet here! Do continue to check our Vaishali’s free e-books on mouthwatering and easy to follow recipes. That’s how I met her and started by fwding emails to her, and did not even realize when our hearts joined together! I agree to what you have both said, and how I wish I could erase some bad memories, however, it is hardships that make us stronger human beings!
    Thanks for the congrats, am already a Nani and now being a Dadi completes the family!
    All the best to you both, always! Love you always!

  23. atia

    Rashida so now my guess was correct. In fact we are related distantly .Your father and my moternal grandfather were half brothers I think.Do send me your e mail then we can communicate.

  24. Gerita Staney

    Nice mail….It makes one realise how we so many times take things for granted and forget to thank God for our wonderful lives. Out there in the world there are people who face the worst in life and yet manage to smile and make others smile….

    Keep Smiling Rashida!

  25. Rashida

    Thanks Gerita!
    You are right, as a child I too was disappointed when I was not able to get the things my heart desired. I always loved new shoes and clothes.
    Then, still in grade school I read these lines:

    I had the blues because I had no shoes;
    Until I saw a man who had no feet!

    Ever since then, I have learnt to appreciate the lil things in life!

    Atia, when you say your maternal grandfather, you must be talking about that angel who we used to call Baba!
    You can communicate with me at:

  26. Vijay Gandhi

    Very well Written Rashi 🙂 I am thank ful to cfm where i got somany friends and you are one of them and i know you living larger then life inspite of gone through very tough situation often time .
    we chat almost evry day and iknow how you are and the way you talk with me I found in you like very innocent person iam talking with and no ego at all. wishing you all the best to you.its God bless you always .

  27. Rashida

    Thanks VJ, appreciate ur comments.

  28. What a wonderful Personality you are,Rashidha.Keep it up.

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