All about Grit and Determination

In my room, 1990 (105 kgs)

In my room, 1990 (105 kgs)

Well, it may sound as amazing achievement but, it all happened because of the necessity and survival.  

 Like any Punjabi family, mine was a foodie too. The paranthas, the kababs, puris and what not. I used to pride myself of being President of ‘Aloo Club’ ! Any thing cooked with Potato was exotic!   

 At 105 kgs. I saw my own pic and could not Recognize myself. Who is this Uncle? I questioned myself. I met an OLD uncle who was on restricted diet. But, he used to ‘sample’ everything in parties. That way he did not get into trouble and also ‘tasted’ life according to his liking. I followed his style. But, sweets were still irresistible! I used to ‘challenge eat’ them after Lunch. Rossogollas, Danadaars, Kachagollas and what not……. My biggest vice was Alcohol. A group of friends used to go for Night show movies laden with Chicken Kababs and Limca Mixed Vodka. This, when controlled helped me loose 10 kgs. as I as physically active. Playing Badminton, walking the lakes etc.   

At a marriage, 2009

At a marriage, 2009

 At this point a friend in Jalandhar gave me a tip. “Don’t have snacks or anything when You are having Alcohol. Eat very little after that” I was diagnosed as being diabetic in July 2004. The world under my feet slipped. The sugar count was 479 / 290.(PP and Fasting). I could not even agree to have my tea without Sugar! With The specialists I consulted, the nutritionist gave me the Best advice. Burn whatever You Eat. This time my weight was wavering from 90 to 95 kgs.   

 One of my friends insisted on me doing ‘Art of Living Course’ I was avoiding him when one fine day. He paid for the donation and enrolled me into one of the courses………… This Changed My life forever.  A week without tea, onions, Non Veg food, liquor and fried food. A week with Pranayaams, Sudarshan Kriya and the knowledge. I was a changed man. Simple things which we already know and are under a layer of dust, the impurities were dusted out and I knew what was good for me! We all know what is good and what is bad, to choose between this two is what is living with art! So, I am still enjoying sugary tea and an occasional parantha, No liquor no deep fried food. Occasional potato subzi (Never fried) No potato chips, No soft (or hard) drinks. My diet is full of vegetables and fruits with the right amount of carbohydrates. Proper exercising and Sudarshan Kriya…….   


My Life is ON TRACK !!    

N.B. : The above story of Jogesh Sachdev, Kolkata (India) has been published without any alteration / modification  only after receiving his consent.    

Vaishali Parekh    

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10 responses to “All about Grit and Determination

  1. sheetal

    Really…inspirational. Actually real experiences make a lot difference in our heavy diet life rather than the normal routine talks. Its very nice to read the column & my hearty wishes to Mr. Jogesh Sachdev & also i hope each person going through same kind of problem will learn a lot from him.

  2. Bhaswati Dasgupta

    Wow…I have almost the same story without the last part…I have also heard about the Art of living course and would like to enroll into one. Would you be kind enough to give me the contact address of the institute in Kolkata so that I can enroll immediately…I too need to take control of my life before it is too late.

  3. Parveen Bakshi

    really it is amging and the guy really needs the thummsup.

  4. jogesh sachdev

    Thanx Sheetal, Bhaswati and Parveen.
    Bhaswati, The Art of Living Has its Office at 60, Mahanirban road, Kolkata ( Rash behari Avenue, Triangular park, Citi style showroom. A lane going opposite triangular park and besides Citi style Show room. In any case if u send me Ur E mail Id. I can give U the Course details happening time to time in Ur area.

  5. Mrs. Meena Kamat

    That’s great!Controls is a basic need along with determination and you have done it–congrats!

  6. Rashida

    Congratulations and Felicitations Jogesh on being able to take control of your life! You applied the brakes at the right time and therefore was able to save yourself from disaster.. Keep it up! Losing weight is easy, KEEPING IT OFF FOREVER is difficult! I wish you all the very best, always!
    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational story.

  7. komal

    Your story is similar to my brother-in-laws’. He was 120kgs n was proud of it till he fell down one day and he couldn’t get up on his own…it was then he became serious about his weight… he reduced 55 kgs in 6 months. he looks like a different person’s true it comes from inside..where there is a will there is certainly a way.

  8. sudhir

    congrats Jogesh.really inspiring and if one is resolute results follows.kudos

  9. This proves that only with a little self discipline you can transform your health & life!

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  10. Rabiul Islam.

    Really nice and inspiring.

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