Colors in my room

My last post dealt with the effect of colors on our lives. 

We might laugh at this but this is no mumbo jumbo! This is science with proven facts (I know at least one lady who shares my views). 

I have tried to color up my living room and my bedroom with a few of my own paintings. 

A very humble and modest effort but an effort all the same. 





It’s a glass painting with stain glass colors, inspired by a crystal swan I came across at a Swarovski store (couldn’t afford to buy one, came up with a painting instead).   

Ball of Fire 

Ball of Fire

Ball of Fire


A geometrical design on wood with oil paint.

Women with pitchers 

Women with pitchers

Women with Pitchers


An acrylic painting on canvas. 

 Not necessary that you too have to paint but you can use any colored objects for similar effects.

Vaishali Parekh 

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4 responses to “Colors in my room

  1. Hi Vaishali,
    These are wonderful. You’re very talented. I particularly like the painting on glass and the women with pitchers.

  2. Rizwana

    R u a painter too?? I should say u r multi-talented…I love the Swan,, u made it special with the feather colours.

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