Eat less to live more


Eat less to Live more

Eat less to Live more


Crash dieting is not possible for all of us for different reasons and is not advisable either. But maintaining good health is important for all of us. So, what’s the solution? Let’s adopt the middle path. Less eating can help us achieve our objective.    

Since ancient times when medical sciences came into existence, diet assumed great importance. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was the first man to establish that unbalanced diet and improper food are the causes of diseases.   

Dr. Samuel Hannemann, the father of Homeopathy, discussed effects of diet on a healthy body as well as on patients.  

Anything which is fully-loaded has some disadvantages. For example, just try to visualize a fully loaded bus or a fully packed luggage bag and how clumsy they are. For optimum performance there should be a little bit space in everything.  

Stomach, gall bladder, small and large intestines, rectum and the anus constitute our digestive system. These body parts expand and contract and help move the food forward. However, food taken in large quantities and gulped in forcefully, create dumping in the system. This drastically lowers the digestion efficiency. The quantity of digestive juices and acids are not enough to digest the voluminous food intake and indigestion results. This leads to stomach colics, flatulence, loose motion and vomiting.   

The stomach remains loaded with undigested food which begins to rot and this definitely is detrimental to the body. This is an invitation to many disorders. Ayurveda says that minimal diet is easily digested and as a result vital nutrients are supplied to the body for health and vigor.   

Food should be cooked at very low temperatures so that the nutrients are preserved, and eat only that much as is required by the stomach. One should never stuff or gulp morsels of food and dump the digestive system.  

Many would tell you that they do not feel energized after eating so much. The more you eat before you go to bed, the more tired you will tend to feel the minute you wake up. What is the reason for feeling so fatigued after eating? Isn’t eating supposed to give you more energy? The reason you feel so tired right after eating is because digesting food consumes so much energy. Unfortunately, only animals and babies retain their natural instinct when sick and they choose to refuse food.   

Here are some tips for you:  

Eat enough calories but not too many. Maintain a balance between your calorie intake and calorie expenditure—that is, don’t eat more food than your body uses. The average recommended daily allowance is 2,000 calories, but this depends on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.   

Eat a wide variety of foods. Healthy eating is an opportunity to expand your range of choices by trying foods—especially vegetables, whole grains, or fruits—that you don’t normally eat.  

Keep portions moderate, especially high-calorie foods. In recent years serving sizes have ballooned, particularly in restaurants. Choose a starter instead of an entrée, split a dish with a friend, and don’t order supersized anything.  

Drink more water. Our bodies are about 75% water. It is a vital part of a healthy diet. Water helps flush our systems, especially the kidneys and bladder, of waste products and toxins. A majority of Americans go through life dehydrated.   

And finally,   

Don’t be the food police. You can enjoy your favorite sweets and fried foods in moderation, as long as they are an occasional part of your overall healthy diet. Food is a great source of pleasure, and pleasure is good for the heart – even if those French fries aren’t!     

Vaishali Parekh  

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  1. Di

    Great tips on nutrition. It really is about moderation and a balanced diet.

  2. rickroux

    I wanted to share an incredible source on Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of Natural Healing. This site has free educational content, videos, articles, and learning tools. I was amazed to see that this ayurvedic school has online videos of their classes for FREE! … to visit their website click on or copy:


    Rick Roux

  3. You raise some really good points in this article Vaishali and some are very pertinent to me at this time!

    I think a good criteria for checking if one’s eating correctly for one’s body – is as you mentioned – if one’s energy goes up or down after eating.

    For years I’d feel so lethargic after a big meal of meat and starch (like rice or pasta). These days, I eat 75+ percent vegetables and fruits, and make up with protein and mainly starches from legumes and pulses. Since doing this, I’ve found my energy levels remain a lot more constant.

    • You are on the right track Aannsha.
      Lightly cooked or raw veggies and fruits have their own enzymes which help in self digestion without putting stress on our already overworked digestive system.
      The resultant saving in energy can be utilized elsewhere.

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  5. Mrinalini

    Great article. Quite useful unfortunately I need some tips to put on weight

    • I would advice you not to worry about gaining or losing weight. But instead you should focus on leading a healthy lifestyle along with balanced nutritional intake and regular exercise.
      Our body weight is just a by-product of our lifestyle. If you lead a proper life you would automatically achieve your ideal weight.
      Exercise and nutrition are the keys to health.

  6. pratiksha

    good write u shared with us vaishali….
    thank u.
    will feel less gulity to eat all the yummies now!

    • Hey, don’t go for all the yummies. Recipe for disaster!
      You should focus on the nutritional value of whatever you are consuming. Just raw calories without nutrients would surely make you put on enormous amount of body weight which would be very hard to shed.
      Nutrition and exercise combined are the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Ravichandra

    Hey i really loved this article. I am a bigtime food lover myself. and very recently i started giving a thought to my diet and stuff.
    I have a doubt though.
    People say Maida is very low or has negligible nutrition. Is it true? If so pple depend so much on maida products like bread(though brown bread is available pple generally go for maida bread) and have them for breakfast etc. Is it advisable. moreover all the fast food like pav-bhajji, pizza, parathas etc etc are again maida. is it good for health. please advise.

    • Maida or white flour is extremely harmful for health. Maida is prepared by refining Atta to such an extent that all the nutrients of whole wheat is taken away and the resultant Maida is only raw calories without nutritional value.
      Maida increases our blood sugar level which then gets converted to fat if not burned quickly. Also, maida gets stuck to the walls of our digestive tract and is not passed out easily. As a result it rots inside our intestines giving rise to gas and all sorts of related complications.
      Go for whole wheat Chapati. Don’t eat breads(white or brown) because they have preservatives which are harmful.
      In fact, all packaged ready-to-eat products have harmful preservatives. Go for fresh veggies and fruits.
      Avoid overcooked and fried stuff.

      • Vasanthi

        Thank you for the article. its really helpful. Most of the food for breakfast here is made from maida flour. As working woman, we always go for ready cooked food or fast food. I think I need to control those food. Thank you again!

      • Definitely we all need to control what we consume. Obesity and related dosorders are assuming epidemic proportions at an alarming rate.
        We don’t need to do much. Just a little bit of awareness and action.
        Let us make an effort together.

      • Definitely we all need to control what we consume. Obesity and related dosorders are assuming epidemic proportions at an alarming rate.
        We don’t need to do much. Just a little bit of awareness and action.
        Let us make an effort together.

  8. Divya Marcus

    Hi Vaishali, this s a good ana true article….

  9. Fiona

    Thank you for such an informative article. Everything is ok, but as long as it is in moderation. I love your newsletters and really enjoy reading about Indian food, healthy living, and healthy lifestyle from someone who knows a lot on the subject.
    Thank you for taking the trouble to write about subjects that are so relevant in 2010.

    • Thank you so much.
      I am not an expert, still learning. But the more I try to learn, the more it seems like an endless journey.
      Wish it never ends!

      Your encouragement shall definitely motivate me.

  10. Rashida

    I agree with you totally. What you have said in the article is not only sound advice for those who are not aware by now, but to those of us who somehow or the other, knowingly, (unfortunately) cannot obey the diet rules.
    I had read does one know HOW MUCH to eat? The answer was: when you feel you can eat one more helping of the food you just ate, you should stop! In other words, one must leave one-third space in the stomach. This way, one can eat fruits, have a glass of water after 30 mins of finishing the meal, and still not feel too full nor experience any of the discomforts related to over-eating.
    Yet another article says one should not eat until one feels full, because that will mean that one has overeaten: because, it takes 20 mins for the message sent by the brain to the stomach that its full !! Hence, if one keeps on eating until one is full, then the feeling of an upset stomach is bound to be felt.
    Another theory is that we actually need VERY MINIMAL FOOD to keep us alive, and therefore, we find that even those who eat very little, can still get through the day just as well as we can!
    And yes, we should eat as much of raw vegetables that we can and a good variety too. The same goes with fruit. We find people who say they dont like a particular kind of food, vegetable or fruit,, and when we ask if they have eaten it before, the answer is NO,, so then HOW CAN ONE DETERMINE if one likes or dislikes a certain kind of food, if one does not give oneself an opportunity to taste that food, at least three times before saying NO. The taste buds have to get used to a new taste before it says NO !
    Well, Moderation and Variety are the best answer.
    After all, Variety is the Spice of Life!

    • Wow!
      What a storehouse of knowledge you are. Amazing! And I thought that I know so much.
      Each and every word that you said is absolutely correct.
      Your comment could have been an article in itself.
      Will you write for me? Its a serious proposal.

  11. Susil Ratnayake

    Fantastic artilce Vaishali.Congratulations.You are doing an excellent job.Keep up the great work you do.This is the BEST Indian Cookery site I have ever visited.Thank you

    Warm regards

    Susil Ratnayake (Sydney Australia)

  12. sheetal

    hii dear, post is really valuable & easily acceptable. You are really doing a great job. One more article if you can post about “calorie count & daily diet” with a more elaborate details about daily food of a normal man & woman will be great.


    Sheetal Mishra (New Delhi)

  13. Sabita Ajwani

    Good and informative article. Keep going with more of these.

  14. Puneet Kumar

    Fantastic is all I have got to say … I love good food that have an innocence of healthy mind. Keep it up. I have to develop a good sense of taste to try out all the recepies on my own or lest wait for my wife to cook them. Lets make a beautiful world for all flora and fauna.
    thank you.

  15. શ્રી વૈશાલીબહેન,

    મને ખાવાલાયક ચીજો ખાવી ગમે છે તેમ ખાવાની ચીજો વિશે વાંચવું પણ ગમે છે. નવી લેખમાળા માટે ખૂબ ખૂબ અભિનંદન.

    ફક્ત મારી ૬૮ વર્ષની જિંદગીના જાત અનુભવના આધારે એટલું ઉમેરવા માંગુ છું કે આહાર અને પોષણને લગતા પ્રત્યેક નિયમો પ્રત્યેક માણસને સમાનપણે લાગુ પાડી શકાતા નથી.

    -માવજીભાઈના પ્રણામ

    • Many thanks for your appreciation.
      It is true that the rules for health and nutrition are not the same for everybody. Each unique person has unique requirements. So, accordingly we have to chalk out what a particular person needs as per his body constitution.

      Thank you for the advice.

  16. sudhir vaidya

    very well covered and fully appreciate the effort to highlight what is vital for us.cheers.keep it up.

  17. jogesh sachdev

    Vaishali ji, I love Ur enthusiasm in food and the way U have chosen to serve all.
    The only thing which distract me is UR ‘Ultra modest’
    approach. I understand tht there is very thin line separating arrogance and Confidence. But, U please write with confidence because we all understand tht UR not ‘Arrogant’.
    Cheers! Keep up the good work.

    • My ‘ultra modesty’ is a habit.
      I remain thankful to the Almighty that he gave me the opportunity to come close to so many wonderful people…like you.
      What am I without my viewers? There are so many excellent cooking sites out there. People can very well go there and not come to me.
      But they do.
      Makes me all the more modest.

  18. Nivash

    The article was really good and informative. A small diet as what to take can also be provided as an example is the best way to teach.

    • Our diet should be packed with nutrition and not just raw calories.
      From where do I get my nutrition?
      Go for fruits and veggies because they do not exert pressure on our digestive system because they contain their own digestive enzymes which help in self-digestion.
      Since they get almost fully digested, all the nutrients are fully absorbed into our body without anything being wasted. But the veggies should not be over-cooked or fried. Cooking should be as light as possible to preserve the nutritive value. Heat destroys nutrients.
      Go for salads without oil and dressings.
      Try to avoid fish and meat as they do not get digested easily and rots in our system and makes us feel heavy.

      Keeping the above facts in mind, you need to design your own balanced diet. Not difficult. Just need to keep the basic facts in mind.
      Try out various options. Do not stick to the same food day after day.
      Enjoy the experiment.

  19. Zainab

    A very wonderful article. I remember my maternal father who reached 103 years telling us to eat healthy food and not to overfeed.

  20. I like your article very much as it gives me a lot of information because i am totally vegetarian and there is no loss being a vegetarian.

    • Thank you Sarika.
      Though I myself indulge once in a while in non veg dishes, but my preference is veg.
      For my non veg viewers I have to taste meat or fish dishes ocassionally, otherwise I wont be able to write.

  21. bindu

    hi vaishali
    u r absolutely is essential for our body but in moderation. u hav explained it very well with ur examples .can u give me gud tips to reduceas i am healty though i regularly walk
    thanking u

    • Regular walking is a very good exercise. But you have to walk fast and at least for 45 minutes. Then only you shall get the desired effect.
      You diet should be low in calories but high on nutrition. Consume as much fruits and veggies as possible. Dont overcook or deep fry your food. It destroys the nutritive value. Cut down on maida and sweets.
      Whenever you feel hyngry try to eat fruits or a lightly cooked veg dish with rice or chapatis. No parathas or puris.
      TRY and you shall see the results.

  22. Debashish Mahata

    Dear Mrs Vaishali infact gorging down on food does not give enegry our lifestyles have become sedentry wether one is a school going child or an office going person,control on food can really prevent us from many diseases. I enjoyed going through your article.

    • The more you gorge, the more your body utilizes energy to digest whatever you have eaten. If your food had a lot of meat and fish then the digestion time is longer and more energy is consumed. So your body runs short of energy for other activities and we tend to feel tired. This is counter-productive.
      So a light meal comprising of fruits and lightly cooked veggies is the best option. Gets easily digested and does not burn so much of vital energy.

  23. Ather

    Excellent work, keep the pace. Also elaborate more by placing some charts of calories of daily usable food.

  24. Rajendra Soni

    Contents is really useful.

  25. Varada

    Excellent article Vaishali.
    And all points are so true!! Why cant we start the healthy food recipe book on your website?simple and healthy fast cooking recipes for working women like me! same time to keep my family healthy!!!many thanks
    gr8 efforts.

    • I am definitely going to bring up a healthy and simple recipes book in the near future but at present I am working on a major project for my viewers.
      At present the details are under wraps but I shall let you know very soon.
      Please bear with me.

  26. b r padukone

    Excellent and Thought provoking article. Kudos to you. Keep it up.
    I am going to follow the regime.

  27. Anju Pillai

    Its a very good and very valuable topic…Yes you should start a new segment for healthy food….It will be very useful…..

  28. Hnenry

    Thanks for the valuable piece of information. Most often we overeat in particular reference to our dinner intake.

    Your advice on the same has been very thought provoking and interesting.

  29. Vandy

    Thank you for a very helpful and enjoyable article. I like your information, but I also like your style. You tell the truth in a polite way, it is a good example of communicating with the same moderation that your article suggests toward eating. Very nice use of the middle path.

  30. sujatha

    Hi, this is really good, useful.

  31. shubhi

    great…..its good to know and remind ourselves how to keep the body fit n healthy

  32. mamta

    today obesity is the big problem even in kids,so it is better to keep the diet in control .your article is good providing enough information about how to consume the food

    • Obesity is assuming epidemic proportions nowadays. Its a very serious issue. Our future generation would become very sick and unhealthy if we do not become cautious now.
      And thanks for the appreciation.

  33. rajendraprasadm

    iam appreciating you r effort

    pl give clear guidelines reg the topic

    thanks for the choosing the topic

  34. R.arora

    good article.carry on with your efforts

  35. saifee surka

    I am 82
    and have a nice family.
    all with good education and mahol also.
    for food we do keep these guidelines as stated inyour article
    do keep up
    the site also isv. interesting.

  36. Vijay

    A very useful topic for toaday’s (current) lifestyle of very bad eating habits.
    Thanks for the useful article.


  37. Shehnaaz

    Really sound advise Vaishali and I have shared this with my brother who is a gulper when it comes to meals and no matter how much we lecture him so far it has not changed his habit. I do hope you are able to with your article.
    Seeking a cure from a pretty bad case of Psoriasis, I sought Ayuverdic consultation when recently in Mumbai and the main thing excluded in my diet is all forms of wheat. Initially very apprehensive, I am amazed at what else you can find to replace all that wheat that we haev traditionally taken with healthy alternatives such as oats, millet and barley. I am working full time and can still cope with this change for it truly does not take longer than normal cooking

    • I am sure you shall be cured of Psoriasis very soon since you are so dedicatedly following the treatment advise. A little bit of adjustement is needed to get long term benefits. Don’t you agree?
      I would invite you to share your story with all of us so that we can take inspiration from you. Hope you would not mind.

  38. Shikha

    Vaishali ji its really a nice article with loads of information which inspite of knowing we people tend to neglect. thnx for reminding us the same!

    i have a 17 mnths old kid can u suggest me some useful tips to plan his daily eating menu. though he eats up the same food which i prepare for my husband n myself but i am much worried abt his health want to give him the best nutrition….

  39. arvind

    thanku vaishaliji,for your spectacular article,actually we all ignore the points we have to do that.
    most of the people breaks the thumb rule”EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE” and faces the termoil of health
    thank u again for such a wonderful article

  40. this article is good.. but we need exercise also which will keep our body healthy and fit to a certain extend 🙂

  41. parul

    very informative piece of information

  42. Nice article – eat less to live more….

  43. hi! thanks a lot for ur article .its very informative n motivated .

  44. vineela

    amazing article

  45. J.Vinodiniveena

    The article is good but it could be more foccused.The diet cannot be same for all.For Eg-the reqt. of Protein,carbohydrates and fats is based on age,activity and physiological status.For everyone the golden rule is to have heavy breakfast,moderate lunch and light dinner, with more fruits and vegetables in each meal. Iam basically a nutritionist.

    • You are absolutely right. The article is a general one targetted for all. I did not focus on the age groups this time. Sometime later I shall write a more focussed one. Thanks for your observation.

  46. LaKshmi

    hi Vaishali,ur article is very useful and interesting to keep ourselves fit and healthy.I really liked the artcle because of the alarming health problems we should always take care regarding our food habits,ofcourse we must also also do some excercise and brisk walk.I wish u all .the best

  47. Valerian Gonsalves

    Dear Vaishali,

    Your writeup on “Eat Less to Live More” was a very good read. Your article confirms my very own lifestyle and eating habits, to do all things in moderation.

    Appreciate your recipes very much

    • Congatulations to you to be able to follow a controlled lifestyle. Many of us find it so hard to follow.
      Just a little bit of awareness and determination is needed to take control of our lives.

  48. pooja tiwari

    gr8 article…very useful ……n thanx vaishali for all d wonderful tips

  49. Saloni

    Hey its a great article.. Thanks a lot for all the information. It was very useful!!

  50. siddhi S

    hey vaishali very nice article…loved the way u wrote it…even i follow the same thing…nice one

  51. Sanjay Chaudhary

    Hello Vaishali,
    Nice informative article, In fact apart from a good n healthy diet , if one can drink 8-10 ltrs of water a day, he/she can surely avoid most of the abdominal disesaes.
    thnx again
    hope to hear from u

    • Thank you for your comment. You are right, drinking sufficient amount of water everyday is in itself a very effective remedy for many ailments, which we are not aware of.

  52. Shruti

    Hi vaishali,

    your site is absoulety wonderful and i have tried few recipes also..i would recommend that can you please make out a menu for vegeterian of about 1500 – 2000 calories..i mean a daily menu of what should be included for breakfast, lunch, dinner..a breakdown with some nice recipes for the would be really helpful for people who really needs to go a diet..

    once recipes are superb.

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment.
      I am planning to come up with an e-book soon which shall contain low calorie and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      I think it shall suit your purpose. Please have patience.

  53. Gurpreet Kaur

    hello Vaishali Di,
    your recipes are superb.It is a great article.. Thanks a lot, for all the information. It was very useful!!
    Gurpreet Kaur

  54. poonam melwani

    vaishali i am poonam i am 67 yrs young,i agree with u on the above that eat less and live more im am all hand in hand with u i enjoy everything abt.ur website just keep it up my blessings r with u loves to u poonam

  55. Gourmetmenu

    I congratulate you on your website, I am a lover of the cuisine of India, I have even published a basic course on gastronomy and cuisine of that country, which I have surrounded self-taught way your article eat less and live more seems very interesting, and I am sane with you that it is the quality of what we eat and above all to drink much water, the water is life.

  56. Arun Kumar N

    Nice article but too brief without being specific about any thing. I hope you would appreciate that many of the reader find jargons difficult to understand. A simpler version of what to avoid and what to eat would in my opinion help. No hard feelings


    Arun Kumar N


    Eat less to live more very very nice and useful article, I like it very much. I am Aishwarya Punekar, good cook, got so many awards, taking Cooking Classes, its stated from 30th April, 2010, Excellent response. I like and also love u and yr. all article and yr. web site, very much. Thanks and Regards.


    IT IS VERY GOOD ARTICAL AND USEFUL FOR ALL PEOPLE. SO KEEP IT UP. ALL THE BEST FOR YR. FUTURE SUCCESS. In fact, thinking of starting a forum where all the viewers of the site shall be able to interact with U. VERY GOOD IDEA.


  59. dr.smitha

    its g8….vry nice
    thank u…

  60. Lisha

    Thanks Vaishali for such an informative article. I am so glad to be a part of this group!!
    God Bless!!

  61. Faizal

    hello chef vaishali,
    me faizal …working as a chef in emirates airlines…i read ur article..its nice….may i know ? where r u from chef?

  62. Babneet Bindra Makhija

    Hi Vaishali,
    I have gone through with ur article i find it interesting but i need more information on how much calories v have to intake during Breakfast,Lunchn Dinner

    Thank You
    Babneet Bindra makhija

    • The amount of calories that you should take in depends upon your age and the level of physical activity that you go through during the course of a day.
      The average intake should not exceed 2000 calories for females, which can go up to 2500 calories if you indulge in heavy physical activity.
      Accordingly, you should spread out the total intake between breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      Ideally, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be heavy, lunch should be moderate and dinner very light. You can snack on fruits in between meals.

  63. Terry

    Some useful statements especially as I am wrestling with trying lose weight.

  64. shareeka

    Thanks Mrs. Vaishali, its Quite informative. its nice to know that crash diet is not needed for all 🙂 even though i am not a good eater, i am not on a healthy n balanced diet to b satisfied.i will try to get this kind life style to practice.Thanks again for sharing ur knowledge with us mam.

  65. meenapassy

    Thanks a lot Vaishali for this information.This is useful for everybody.

  66. sadhana jain

    Dear Vaishali.
    Your article impressed me a lot specially because of examples you quoted …viz crowed bus and packed suitcase…Its really useful..

    You have written to take count of our calories (intake) but how to count the calories….we don’t have knowledge about that…..
    Can u guide about this aspect.

    With regards
    Sadhana jain

    • Yes, you are right, it is not possible for you to know how much calorie each and every food contains.
      But you can definitely avoid foods containing sugar, fat, too much oil or spices, maida etc.
      Concentrate on fruits and lightly cooked vegetables. Avoid too much fish and meat.
      You motto should be ‘eat to live and not live to eat’.

  67. asha tekchandani


    I read your article, it is very interesting. I also do not believe in too much eating, minimal diet is very good for health. I also drink lots of water. You will be surprise to know about my age and weight. I am forty six years old and my weight is 48 KG.

    Thanks for the article

  68. ruma singh

    very useful article

  69. Debashis

    Dear Vaishali

    noted thanks for the mail .eat less to live more is a true thing, we will eat less but eat healthy in a proper manner so that we can live longer & better.Also eating the right quantity also matters

  70. surya

    Thank you for writing this article with essential biological facts. its not like many of us don’t know these facts, we know but hearing and receiving them again and again from a professional like you especially leaves a psychological impact too. thank you!

  71. surendra

    I read the article. My feedback:
    I is very good but generic article. It provides basic information. But some examples should be provided to make it more interesting. E.g. What should be content of daily breakfast, lunch and dinner for a young person, certain charts etc will definitely help.

    • Yes Surendra, the article is generic and it was meant to be this way. I did not go into details of diet plans for different age groups as that would have made the article too long. While writing the article, my objective was to make you realize that you should not stuff yourself.
      Diet planning and charts shall come later. Thanks for your feedback.

  72. p.bhattacharya

    Hi, Vaishali, Indeed this is a very informative mail.
    I would like to share a small information about fruits. Fruits should be had only on empty stomach,never after meals.
    Your comments please.

  73. Rani Thomas

    Hi dear Vaishaili,
    Read your article which is an eye opening to many of us who really does not know how to keep ourself are right Crash dieting is not the is the proper balanced diet one should maintain..yes thanks dear ..we women tend to drink very less water.. your article must have opened the eyes of many… my best wishes and please do keep on writing which is beneficial to all.
    Good luck
    warm regards
    Rani Thomas

  74. Fantastic idea and your article with examples. Hope such more articles like this. Thanks.

  75. It was the first article ‘Eat Less Live More ‘
    I recived from you. I am 64 years and find this article
    informative and very useful for me as well as for the older people.

    Thanks again. s.c.satija

  76. jasmine shah

    I liked your article it was great I would like you to put together a book on balanced recipes ideal for lunch and dinners ,the word diet causes havoc to ones mind at one stage .I had become a fanatic of fast food so my children were only eating burgers and chat pata chaat anything as long as it came from out side it was good. I finally woke up and came to realize that I was killing my self and dear ones too. change cant come in 1 day so I have started to change my life style and food habits thanks so much jasmine

  77. Rajesh

    i read the article. It was nice and hope it would be of help to many a people. It is good that you recommend people to keep away from more calorie food and have more of vegetables and fruits. There is a way of purifying the body from all the toxins and impure wastes by following a diet, and starting this dieting with a 3 day diet of only fruits. One kind of a fruit at a meal time, instead of normal meal. Fruits are easy to digest and practically no toxins in them, and the body absorbs it fast. Keep writing good articles, and help people mainly with obesity and many other ailments which origin from a bad food habits.
    thank you

  78. Amita

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    Really good for the fatty people like me.

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  83. Yakoob Chevalwala

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    I apriciate it.

  84. Alison

    I couldn’t agree more with your article. However it seems to me that society has lost it’s way. While some starve others are gluttonous. When did we stop caring about our health and welfare and that of our fellow mankind. The middle of the road is becoming the one less traveled. If we have plenty it is easy to overindulge only to restrict ourselves in other ways along the pathway of life without realizing our restriction was because of our overindulgence and lack of attention.If we have plenty then it is our duty to help the less those less fortunate mindfully.
    Great article thank you for sending it to me.
    Yours. Alison.

  85. You are doing a good job,please keep me posted about your new innovations.
    Thanks& kind regards

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    You write in very simple & easilly understanding langauge. Your thoughts match to mine.I like to read your atricles as well as reciepes. Please keep me posted.


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    this information is indeed a gold mine. it’s priceless. i need not say more because i might spoil it all. thanks for what you are doing and i wish you long life!

  91. Rob

    In general I agree, that you should not overeat. But there are so many factors in this “overeating” that it is difficult to say, that the intake of so and so many calories is overeating or not. Just the other day I learned of some research, that says, that the bacterial content of your intestines may have a direct influence on how much nutrition you take from the food you eat, and that this factor among others could be said to be a part becoming too fat. I have not had the time to search more into this, but I mention this to say it is not so easy as saying “Eat less!” to avoid overeating. Eating is also a social activity, and regulating the amount you eat in such activity can be very difficult. Social activities are often used to compensate for some other actions one is dissatisfied with (unconsciously so).
    Then again, when you have eaten too much and you become fat, there are many reasons to not loosing weight too fast. The cells which contain fat are larger in fat people than, and can be easily filled up again. That has been man’s rescue in case of lack of food, when hunt or gathering did not yield enough.
    But in todays modern society this means that fatness too easy returns, unless loosing weight is done in a more careful way.
    Another reason for not loosing weight too fast – specially for men, for one or another reason – is the heightened production of uric acid with the risk of gout.

  92. jasbir marwah

    informative article.

  93. monika makhija

    hi vaishali
    the article is really v wonderful & really v encouraging for the people like me who r planning to lose weight and want to gain the figure again
    really its v nice.
    the example u gave were aso good and make a person to think for a while.
    if u have any idea or article on how to reduce tummy fat then also send it to me
    thanking u

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    Dear Vaishaliji.

    Your article is nice one , Please continue the same.
    Thanks for sharing . Wish u all the best for future course.

  95. kavita

    Hey Vaishali,
    This is the first time I’m commenting on your article since I’m a recent member. I’m glad that there is someone out there who not only shares her wonderful recipes as a chef but also cares about raising awareness regarding good eating habits. Your article is very helpful and gets people thinking. I was really impressed by the e-books which I could download. WOW!
    I’m a mother of two teenage children, just turned forty, and I always believed that eating a little of everything is good for you (and I never miss gym! ). Moderation is the key, and since you know your body best just follow your instincts.
    My husband is a foreigner and we don’t live in India, but he’s spent enough time in India to fall in love with its food. He enjoys Indian food and I make sure he gets his Indian food fix at least on weekends and trying some of your well written and simple recipes has made my job easier.Thanks.
    Food is not only fuel for your body but also inspiration for your soul. I was really inspired by your blog.
    Looking forward to some more inspiration.
    Keep up the good work n’Keep me posted.

    respect everytime,

  96. sudha

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  98. Dear Vaishali,

    I really liked to go thru your advise and it did make me think not to overload my stomach.

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    continue ur writing
    thanx by prasath

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  101. Amol Desai

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  102. ranjeet kaur

    this is a good article pls name some of the daily routine food which one should eat to control his/her weight also. what are the smart food replacements which should be done in the daily routine .

  103. Jaspalsingh Khanchandani

    Yes …..U r cent percent Correct…….I agree with u…..Even I follow 90 % of the things U mentioned in ur particular Article…..

  104. Jaspalsingh Khanchandani

    Any ways I will always like to mention about my love towards Good Food…..I jst love eating in a way I mentioned above…..

  105. seema ahby

    Hi Vaishali’
    You got a good article there. It was use full to me. You should continue on your good work. Can you try something like a diet meal planner to lose weight and control it, it should be according to what we usually have at home and readily available and also of low cost something inside rs 100 a thing. so got a tip for another wonderful article i guess. keep up the good work take care.

  106. Sencilloyrecto

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    Its useful, keep it up

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    excellent,to the point article.The information provided says it all.

  109. Tanushri

    Hi Vaishali,
    Nice article. Strongly agree.
    I know of a very active person who takes heavy vegetarian breakfast with fruits, nuts and milk. At lunch when we eat heavy food, he takes juice, lassi, salads and light snacks. He finishes off dinner before 8 PM. At the age of 58+ he works 14-16 hours a day.
    I think we Indians should change our eating habits and consume less oil and more healthy liquids. Also our dinner has to be lighter and earlier.
    I also loved all your books and would visit your website regularly. Keep up the good work.
    Tanushri Pal

  110. this information is very useful for people.

  111. Roshan Dsouza

    Good one, well thought and very well written.

  112. Naveen Kumar

    Hai vaishali,

    good work . most of the people dont know what to take , how many calories should take, especially on water they dont know how much to consume ., can you plan diet meal according to the age , sex,type of work,body t ype ……………….. good work take care

  113. Pankaj

    this is my first intraction with this site. I really looking for this site . this site has some easy making recipes which is very useful for person like me who loves cooking not for eating purpose but for enjoying themself. i am just a learner . i will definatly try some receipes & give my comment on send me some more punjabi receipes. thanks

    • suresh


      Really this article contains good advice about diet in easy language. pls keep writing such good information. keep it up…..

  114. Lakshmi Prabha

    Dear Sis,
    I am 47. Few years back I was 58.5 Kgs. Buy following the same methods narrated in this column for 2 years, I have reduced my weight to 48 kg. This got me relieved of leg pain , knee pain and keeps me energetic. So I request all Sisters to follow the tips.
    Lakshmi Prabha

  115. Nur Hussain

    Fantastic article for a healthy disease free lifestyle.

    keep it up

  116. Meenakshi

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    thank you for sharing with us

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    Appreciate your work and keep it up.

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    the article is so good, and who follow this procedures from 30 years, surely can long live without any major diseases…… well said vaishali………. keep it up…………..expecting more from u…………

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    I read the article. Its really informative, which gives information from all sources related to eating. It is an holistic approach. But anyway following will take some effort.

    Thanks for your information

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    This is the very good article, your doing good job. Go ahead

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    This is really a nice piece of information. Good job done.

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  128. Pannaga

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    as you say,we will probaly live in a better world.

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  132. deen daya

    it is old saying that our stomach has a space equivalent to our foldhand. true is that if we eat less, the food digest easily and we may live long without or with minimu deaseases. thax for such articles

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  134. suman

    it is a beleif that we should avoid eating now and then but it is as i think much better to eat frequently than being full at one time

  135. i read your article about less eating . you are right we are suppose to eat like that but we cannot stop being a pig.

  136. Jayapadma

    Hi Vaishali ,
    I read the article , its very informative. Thanks for reminding the well known old saying in Tamil ” Siruga Undu Peruga Vaazh ” ( Eat less, live more)….

  137. Aisha

    Well said and thought Mrs. Parekh, must say you are a wonderful thinker.
    your advices help me loads

  138. Rashida

    Hello Vaishali!
    Was among the first ones to comment on this article, needless to say i have thought about it a lot, and now the time has come to seriously implement it for myself, coz i m a foodie and i love food, however, as we advance in age, we have to be more and more careful as to HOW WELL we want to live this life. I have learnt that sometimes I have to say NO !
    My heart would WANT those gulabjamoons but my MIND says NO !
    And, I have to listen to my mind ! Agree? I am sure you do!
    It is going to be that kind of test of mind over heart with the holidays approaching and with all the good food around us.
    All your articles are very informative, well researched and interesting.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best, Always!
    It is going to be a very trying time with the holidays just approaching, and with all the food and goodies around us… however, common sense will prevail….
    All the articles you write are very informative indeed: Shows you research well what you write!

  139. i like the article very much . i always try to follow all rules

  140. dr sana

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  141. very good info from health as well as scientific point of view.

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    well i gone through the article and i found it quite helpful to me,but i dont know i ll follow it or not because i am kind of in love with good taste and i cant resist it

  144. Vaishali

    The article is useful…

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  146. Soma Roy

    You are very true. But now a days no one is most probably following these rules. Everyone is eating whatever they get readymade. Some are still health concious and figure conciuos, thats why they eat accordingly. I too try to follow this not to eat much because i think that there should be some space for air and water in our stomach with the food we eat. And food should be taken in a schedued time. I hope that everyone will follow this.. What you have written is actually the true fact… I wrote what i felt… Thanks for the article….

  147. RItesh

    Good reminder of things we
    know but fail to follow

  148. ashu

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    Thanks for the wonderful and informative article. I appreciate it. I think i need to share this with my friends.I also am extremely happy to have downloaded the e-book on recipes too.
    Thanks once again and keep up the good work. All the best



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    Very few people do this.
    100 out of 100.

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  164. Hi….d article givs knowledge…thanx 4 sharing..

  165. I agree with you. Less eating is a key to healthy and happy life. One can also eat small quantity in small intervals instead of three major foods. This helps our digestive system to work properly and avoid overloading.

  166. sunny

    Hi! Vaishali,

    Your Article is very useful and precisely right. I feel that for day to day basis one should eat the right foods but on special occasions, they
    should indulge themselves.

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    Thank you for explaining ideas also in a way that can be digested easily.

  168. Mohanapriya.R

    Hi vaishali,

    I’ve read your article. This is true. Nowadays, even a 5 year old boy has obesity. I dont know how that is in other places, but in my place lot of small children having a big obesity. Also, We need to get rid of oily foods to live longer, i’m not saying to rid oil fully from our life, but consume little oil helps to stay healthy.
    It would be Helpful if you mention the calories of the individual items we consume in our daily life.
    And i want to share a tip for The followers of your site.

    I know lot of people feel that the get pimple, beacuse they consume oil foods, but I found by my experience that when my mom start to use Shallot/Big onion/bellerie , I get my pimple all over my face. when i stopped using that my face looks clear. So whoever’s having pimple please tell them to not use Shallots, you can use small onions/ country onions.

    I don’t know whether you understand my english or not. I hope my tip will be useful for some people especially teenage girls.

  169. asiat

    Indian people are very nice people. upon the fact that I download 10 text books free of charge, you also mail me to read your article also free of charge,may God Almighty bless you,your family and your company .everything I gain from you help me and my family. thanks very much.

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    include some veg,non-veg diet combination for 1500 cal in ur future articles,tnx,


    Good one…. We Gujarati needs to take care abt calories…..for better future ..

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    I just want to request you that i m a vegetarian..So will you please include vegetarians recipes in your article…
    And once again i can make my husband happy by using your tips..
    Thanks a lot!

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    even Gautam Buddha said follow the middle path

  179. pawan

    Respected Madam, I agree with your article “eat less live more” because overdose to anything is harmful, but in today scenario there is economic crisis few out of total population has sufficient & enough diet but rest are under lacked in diet still such persons faces too many crucial diseases problems which is not directly related by eating less or more.

  180. Sue

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    nice article. I agree with you. Less eating is a key to healthy and happy life. Please keep it on the regular basis. Then peoples are more benefited.

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  188. Jay Valodia

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    I am on the Atkins diet. What is your expert opinion on this? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

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  190. UseFul Articale………….I want to read more
    and i also want to tip of grow up the weight,if u have so pls share………….Very nice

  191. Very interesting and useful. Enjoy our food in moderation.

  192. Suman Katthi Mukh R-G

    Thanks to you all….. It’s really a very good & useful article……

    but dear friends do you people know that LIVING TOO LONG IS A CURSE TO ANY HUMAN LIFE…..????

    so this article is useless to me………………

    • Teresa

      Thank you for the post. I cook by myself and use lots of oil in my cooking. I have gain a lot of weight. I want to go for no oil diet. Please help with some sush recepies.
      With regards.

  193. Reena

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    The article is informative. Keep adding useful info. You may include the Home remedies of common day to day ailments.

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    you wrote nice article. I agree with you. Less eating is a key for healthy and happy life. Please keep it on the regular basis.

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    Yes Vaishali ji, your suggestion is 100% true. one quarter diet, 2 quarter water and one quarter space for air in your stomach will keep u always healthy. Good Very Good suggestion.

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    • Karishma

      Very informative article.thanx for the fantastic e books.had replied to ur mail the other day but it failed.

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    All is true but when the food comes infront of us. We can’t say no. Kindly focus on this issue. How to avoid the wish to eat which came infront of us.
    We all are know that eat less live more. But one phrase is there in Marathi
    “Daat Aahe tar Chane Nahi. & Chane aahet tar Daat Nahi”. It means when we are young due to some circumstances we have no money to eat good food. And at the time of old age we have the money but having no teeth to eat all things. This is the situation arrives and we eat more at young age. And it automatically converts in obesity. Your article is great but difficult to follow everytime. I will try to do this. Thanks Keep writing.
    And thanks for ebooks.

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    Dear Vaishali’
    I was very impressed by your articles. informative and easy to understand. Any one can follow and make use if it.

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    hello vaishali, this is a nice article, it describes precisely our eating habits and opens our eyes to the food facts. you have given useful tips that are good for our health. your recipes are very good. its nice to get all the recipes compiled in one place.

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    In the busy schedule that we live taking small precautions like those suggested in the article will help in avoiding many health issues related to diet and promotes healthy life.

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