Let Love Flow

River of Love Let us all make a solemn pledge this Valentine’s Day that we would love unconditionally. It is extremely difficult, mind you. We all love our parents don’t we? Well some of us don’t, but there are always exceptions. Our parents deserve unconditional love from us, but do we give it to them… without any strings attached? Maybe they did something wrong due to which you suffered. Would you still love them? Ok, you forgave them and kept on loving them but after sometime they repeated the same mistake and you suffered once again. What would you do? If your love for them does not diminish, you are on the right track.

I agree, sometimes during certain situations, it becomes very difficult to keep up the intensity of our love. Most of us are unable to take the pressure and the relationship cracks. But few of us carry on brushing aside all negatives. They stand out from the rest. Be very selective who you love and once you decide upon somebody, then that relationship should last a lifetime. In the process you might suffer a lot but at the end of the journey of life there would be a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

When you look back you would feel that your life was worth living. Let your love flow like a sparkling, swift and singing stream of water flowing downhill. The stream knows nothing else other than the fact that it has to meet the ocean and accordingly it carries on.

Yesterday I came across a very meaningful post on similar lines. It’s definitely worth a reading.

Let us make this V-day memorable.

Vaishali Parekh


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