Glow with Saffron

A couple of days back I came across a very useful blog post titled ‘Saffron Cantuccini’.

The author of this blog is a very enterprising woman named Janice whose love for herbs is noteworthy. In fact, I told her so.

The link to her blog is

Anybody who has even a slightest bit of interest in nature and anything related to nature should check out Janice’s blog. While going through her post ‘Saffron Cantuccini’, I myself came up with something on Saffron.

Medicinal value of SaffronTraditionally saffron is believed to promote fairness of the complexion. It is widely used in cosmetics, especially in fairness creams. It is an age-old belief that pregnant women give birth to ‘fair’ babies, if they consume saffron.

1. Make a paste of a pinch of saffron with sandalwood powder and 2 tsp of milk.
2. The paste should be thick and flowy in consistency.
3. Apply a thin mask on the face and let it dry.
4. Wash with cold water.
5. This treatment is good for sensitive skin too.

Vaishali Parekh

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3 responses to “Glow with Saffron

  1. I love your photo and beauty recipe and would appreciate your permission to use your photo and/or recipe for my wordpress article on ‘saffron’ on published, scientific support on the ancient medicinal claims of saffron.

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