Remedy at Home – 2

Similar to my last post, this one also relates to how to rectify an upset stomach using simple remedies which can be easily prepared at home.

 The stressful life that we lead, the junk food that we consume and the contaminants and pollutants that go into our system on a regular basis are some of the causes of an upset stomach.

Remedy for Stomach UpsetOur stomach is that part of the body which is abused to the maximum extent. We keep on eating anything and everything and depend on our belly to do the rest but sometimes it fails. A strong digestive system is an essential prerequisite for a healthy body because it is the source of life giving energy.

Now let me jot down the remedy.

Consumption of a tsp of salt and few lemon drops with 1 glass of lukewarm water helps in the relief from loose motions.

See? So simple! That’s how it is.

You can refer to my previous post also.

Vaishali Parekh

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