Hired help to stay healthy

A month ago I realized that it was becoming very hard for me to keep on maintaining and updating my site all by myself. Of course my hubby is always there to help me out but it was proving too much for him also. He has his own professional assignments and on top of that maintaining my site was a bit tough for him. So we both decided that we need to hire a developer who would remove some load from our shoulders. This was the only way we could manage stress.

I started sending word out over the internet about my need and the response was beyond my wildest expectations. I received around 200 resumes and it took a lot of time for me to go through every one of them. I wanted to give everybody a fair chance and wanted to select the best.

Ultimately a shortlist of 80 resumes was ready with me. I started interacting with those 80 prospective candidates via email and the list was further shortened to 20. Then I began interacting with these guys over the phone and the list was further shortened to 5. Finally these 5 guys were invited for personal interviews and out of them one was selected. Whew!

The entire process took a month. But at the end I was left with a feeling of sadness and a heavy heart. I felt very sorry for those to whom I had to say no. But this is life I guess. Happiness and sorrow both go hand in hand.

From 1st Feb 2010 the new recruit would join me officially as a web and content developer. He would also assist me in promotional work and I am sure he would be a great stress reliever for me.

So my dear viewers, I am confident that from now onwards I would be able to give you much more.


Vaishali Parekh


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